no added cost for shipping Baseball/Softball wall decal. Ceiling or wall, it is gorgeous! You get both sides for a complete set to make your room gorgeous! One piece for each side. 2 piece total. This is our grandsons actual ceiling. It works on a wall the same way. This room is 10 x 12 and we used the 96 inch decal near the corners of the room. Easy and beautiful! Perfect for a bedroom, nursery, game room, trophy room, family room or anywhere you want to make a sporty theme. Realistic and beautiful addition to add a take me out to the ballgame feel to any room, whether it be the wall or the ceiling. Dare to be different and choose any color your heart desires! Our decal was done in red, all colors have a matte finish and the gold and silver are metallic for an awesome appeal! Your child may want the basic baseball color red (it is gorgeous see photos) and if they love softball they may want the pink or another pastel color. (regular pink is a bright hot pink or choose the softer side and pick soft pink for a nice light color on your darker wall.) Comes in one piece for each side exactly mirrored for a beautiful room. The width of the item changes to stay in proportion with the length. Long lengths will usually take 2 people to install. It is easy to put up and looks beautiful when you are done. The wall/ceiling must be smooth and flat to apply. If your ceiling is stomped style this won't work. Just use it on the wall and walla, the sports look you desire is complete. Straight-line measured with curve taken into consideration for perfect placement on your wall/ceiling. Anything bigger than 96 inches makes the curve take 2 pieces of vinyl so we don't sell it because one piece is easy and some people have a hard time lining them up. We kept it simple so your wall or ceiling would be beautiful!