#smoothie - Chocolate Almond Butter Recipe


Dalgona Coffee (Frothy Coffee)


Raspberry Mojito Recipe - Erren's Kitchen

This Raspberry Mojito recipe is an easy refreshing summer drink that combines sweet raspberries, rum, and mint for the perfect sit-back-and-relax drink.


Dark Rum Strawberry Mango Mojito Recipe

This classic mojito with a few muddled strawberries + mangoes, bright lime and mint add a fresh, fruity spectacle to the cocktail. Try this perfectly cool, sweet, and 100% refreshing fruit-infused mojito. You will love it.


Vegan Spinach and Mushroom Pasta • Salt & Lavender

This vegan spinach and mushroom pasta is fast, easy, and totally delicious! It makes the perfect healthy and gluten-free weeknight meal.


A Beverage Dispenser

A Beverage Dispenser: Greetings!!For the lack of a better description, I decided to name this 'ible "A Beverage Dispenser". This is not an original idea as I've seen a similar one on a different site. This is just my version.**Update#2: Adding a section explaining how ...


heute gibt es... Honig-Knoblauch-Lachs

Früher habe ich immer gedacht, dass die Zubereitung von Fisch ein Hexenwerk ist. Dass man da quasi eine Ausbildung benötigt, um perfekte Gerichte zu kreieren. Dabei orientierte ich mich an hochkomp…


Pineapple Bourbon Lemonade - Just 3 ingredients is all you need!


Cherry Lavender Moon Milk Recipe (Vegan) - MOON and spoon and yum

This Cherry Lavender Moon Milk recipe makes for one creamy, delicious, calming and beautiful sleepy-time beverage for those evenings when you could use a little extra support. With a healthy blend of oats, walnuts, spices, sweet cherries, and plant-based milk, this warm and cozy drink makes for one comforting vegan gluten-free night-time remedy with its roots in Ayurveda.


Honey Strawberry Mint Smash

We are on our way to warmer weather sippin’ with this honey strawberry mint smash! Imagine yourself outside, enjoying the sunshine with a cocktail that’s filled with fresh strawberry an…


The Hermione Granger Cocktail. - Half Baked Harvest

Fresh raspberries and sweet raspberry jam, smashed together with rosemary, lemon, apple cider vinegar, vodka, and fizzy sparkling water.


Ofengemüse mit Lachs

Rezept für Ofengemüse mit Lachs! Mediterraner Genuss!


Cucumber Rosemary Gin and Tonic - The Forked Spoon

Lightly sweetened, this gin cocktail is filled with fresh cucumber and hints of rosemary to make a deliciously crisp and beautiful drink you'll be sipping all summer long.


Prosecco Margarita Cocktail

Prosecco adds a fruity sparkle to a classic Margarita, resulting in a vibrantly bubbly, refreshing cocktail.


Getränkebar Trend: Tipps & Ideen für eure DIY Limonaden Bar für Hochzeit zum Selber Gestalten | Hochzeitsblog The Little Wedding Corner

Fotos:Kai Cuno und Lux und Liebe Auch nächstes Jahr werden sie groß im Trend sein - vor allem bei heißen Sommerhochzeit sind sie ein Segen: ...


Mexico, North America travel guide



Sparkling Mango Mojito

A fruity take on a mojito. Traditional tequila, lime and mint leaves are sweetened with mango juice & livened up with sparkling water. A tasty, agave drink that will tickle your taste buds.


Bergpfirsich Limonade - ohne Zucker - Vergissmeinnnicht

Eine leckere Erfrischung meine selbst gemachte Bergpfirsich Limonade. Eisgekühlt, schön fruchtig und leicht sauer schmeckt es am Besten.


Strawberry Peach and Rum Cocktail

Our food grade Pink Brew Glitter is the perfect compliment for cocktails, beer, spirits, wine, champagne, tea, ice coffee, soda, lemonade & any other alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage you can think of! Simply pinch a small amount of Brew Glitter into your favorite beverage and watch your drink shimmer, swirl & sparkle! Its absolutely stunning! With a couple pinches of Brew Glitter everyone at your party, wedding, brunch, dinner event or celebration will be WOW'd! Click here to download PDF bulk price discount sheet. Calculate How Much To Buy Type Brew Glitter Brew Dust Beverage Please select Serving Type Please select Serves # of Guests # of Drinks per Guest Choose Color Please select Calculate # of Grams Needed: Beverage Type: Color: Serving Type: needed: Total Ounces: Total Servings: Grams per : ** Click Here for another way to calculate how much Brew Glitter you'll need!  Brew Glitter FAQ Brew Glitter is FDA compliant & 100% edible/ consumable - learn more Brew Glitter is Vegan, Nut Free, Dairy Free & Gluten Free Brew Glitter is mineral based, not sugar based, so it does not dissolve Brew Glitter is tasteless & texture-less Brew Glitter comes in dozens of colors Brew Glitter is available for Bulk Purchase, Wholesale & Resale FDA Usage: 0.07% - equivalent to half 4g jar of Brew Glitter (0.7g) per liter (1000g) What Ingredients Are In Brew Glitter Our Brew Glitter products contain various mica powder pigments and go through a specific manufacturing process allowing the mineral to be edible & consumable. Common ingredients in edible glitters or dusts can include acacia (gum arabic), maltodextrin, cornstarch, and color additives specifically approved for food use, including mica-based pearlescent pigments and FD&C colors such as FD&C Blue No. 1. The FDA has approved all of the ingredients being used in our edible glitters & edible dusts based on the FDA approved ingredients & usage levels. To learn more about the FDA approved usage levels and the approved ingredients list from the FDA click on the links below: Specific ingredient specs & material for each color - Click here FDA Approved Ingredients List - Click Here  FDA Approved Usage Levels, Article 73.350 - Click Here


Aperol Gin Cocktails


Sommerliches DIY: Getränkeschutzdeckel aus Bügelperlen in 3 sommerlichen Motiven ganz einfach selber machen - super Wespenschutz - DIYCarinchen

Sommerliches DIY Getränkeschutzdeckel aus Bügelperlen in 3 sommerlichen Motiven ganz einfach selber machen - super Wespen- und Insektenschutz.


Die leckersten Rezepte für Eiskaffee | freundin.de

Einfach und so lecker: Das freundin-Rezept für Eiskaffe. Plus: Zwei neue Trend-Varianten für das Sommer-Getränk


Purple Gin and Tonics! A Spooky Halloween Cocktail - Sugar and Charm

Spooky purple cocktails perfect for Halloween!


Rhabarbersirup - Getränk - Rezept - Sweets and Lifestyle

Rhabarbersirup Rezept Rhabarbersirup kann man einfach selbst machen. Der Rhabarbersirup mit Himbeeren kann zum Aufspritzen mit kaltem Mineralwasser als Erfrischung verwendet werden. Er eignet sich aber auch zum Verfeinern von alkoholhaltigen Getränken und Desserts.


Cool Off and Kick Back with a White Wine Slushie This Summer

Whether you're looking to sit back, relax, and sip, or wow your summer party guests, our wine slushie recipe is an easy way to up your beverage game.


The Rosemary Grapefruit Refresher: Easter Cocktail Goals

For Spring, I’m loving this Rosemary Grapefruit Refresher. It’s so yummy and light, and it works for brunch or dinner time sipping. I just love how the...


Fuzzy Leprechaun Green Cocktail Recipe perfect for St Patricks Day! Throw a killer st pattys day party with this delicious cocktail recipe!

Fuzzy Leprechaun Cocktail ~ The drink is bright green but tastes like a peach.


Homemade Italian Cream Soda - CincyShopper

You can make Homemade Italian Cream Soda right at home. With just a few very simple ingredients, you can enjoy a fun retro beverage with endless flavor combinations. Perfect for Valentine's Day or even Christmas.


Basteln mit Weingläsern


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